17 Men Share The Physical Qualities They Are Most Attracted To

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These days, I basically live in Reddit’s AskMen subreddit, creeping through threads and attempting to better understand the opposite sex. Sometimes my discoveries are depressing, and sometimes, like today, they present a valuable, heartwarming lesson. Redditor Im_a_shaaark recently asked fellow users, Having seen the question regarding physical deal-breakers, gentlemen: what physical attribute in another person […]


This Is How Someone With Anxiety Falls In Love

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Someone with anxiety falls in love the way you do instinctively, quickly, often easily. The only difference is that while theyre falling in love, their brain is also coming up with a million different reasons why this is also terrifying and dangerous and so easily broken. Someone with anxiety falls in love slowly. And with […]


Can You Get Over Your Ex?

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This feature requires JavaScript to function. You love your ex very much. You know this because every time you think about her, you have a small, warm heart attack. But the terrible news is that your ex does not love you back. You know this because A) she broke up with you, and B) she […]